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Barrett Brown: Another Victim of State Secrets
My friend Barrett Brown
Mapping the evidence that connects the law firm Barrett Brown investigated with his prosecution
The corrosive effect of surveillance secrecy
The legacy of imprisoned investigative journalist Barrett Brown
Barrett Brown’s Judge – A Look At The Man Beneath The Robes
Article 19: Misguided prosecution of investigative journalist Barrett Brown endangers the right to link
Press freedom watchdogs hit out at gag order on US journalist
Reporters Without Borders: Investigative journalist gagged from speaking about his trial
Julian Assange calls for release of Barrett Brown
Exposing the Invisible Empire: The Detention of Barrett Brown
WikiLeaks Editorial: Release Barrett Brown
Defending Barrett Brown, Linking and Transparency
Free Press: The Link That Landed a Journalist in Jail
Hunting Witches
Barrett Brown Prosecutor Inadvertently Indicts Criminal Justice System
Barrett Brown Can’t Talk About Why the Government Wants to Jail Him for a Century
Can you be arrested for sharing a link? Maybe
The War on Terror Is Still Everywhere
105 Years in Jail for Posting a Link?
Hacktivist Journo Barrett Brown and His Lawyers Gagged
A Journalist-Agitator Facing Prison Over a Link
Gagging the Press: The Federal Case Against Barrett Brown
Judge hands gag order to Barrett Brown
Here’s what happened at Barrett Brown’s gag hearing
Barrett Brown Faces 105 Years in Jail
Federal court says accused hacktivist Barrett Brown can’t speak to the press
Court orders incarcerated U.S. journalist not to discuss his case with the press
Hours before judge hears government’s case to slap gag on jailed hacktivist Barrett Brown, his attorneys strongly object
An unconstitutional gag order threatens to further silence Barrett Brown
US stops jailed activist Barrett Brown from discussing leaks prosecution
Feds Seeking To Silence The Media Over Barrett Brown, After They Locked Him Up For Posting A Link
Barrett Brown gag order would silence the truth about spy-industrial complex
Gagged: Federal court says accused hacktivist Barrett Brown can’t speak to the press
Barrett Brown Agrees to Stop Talking to the Media
Barrett Brown Calls and the Herald Answers!
Is Barrett Brown a journalist or an activist? Regardless of the answer, his case is an outrage
Judge’s Gag Order Cuts Off Press From Receiving Reports on Barrett Brown’s Case
Federal judge issues gag order on attorneys in criminal case of man tied to hackers
The US Government Just Upheld Barrett Brown’s Gag Order
Barrett Brown silenced from speaking about his trial
Imprisoned journalist Barrett Brown slapped with gag order
Jail American journalists? Under Obama it’s “Yes we can!”
Journalist Barrett Brown faces jail for posting hyperlink
The Accelerating Assault on Journalism
Barrett Brown, Glenn Greenwald, and the Mafia State
You Leak, You Lose: Going to Prison for Acts of Journalism
The People v. Barrett Brown, Another US Journalist On Trial
The government wants media gag for Barrett Brown
The Government Wants the Media to Stop Covering Barrett Brown
The Strange Case of Barrett Brown Just Got Stranger
Month before hacktivist Barrett Brown’s trial date in downtown Dallas, attorneys wrestle over delay, gag order
Connections Between Michael Hastings, Edward Snowden and Barrett Brown—The War With the Security State
Adding up to 105, The Charges Against Barrett Brown
Barrett Brown Awaits Trial on Spurious Charges in Texas
Barrett Brown Prosecution Threatens Right to Link, Could Criminalize Routine Journalism Practices
Endgame: the link between Barrett Brown & Michael Hastings – was this why they were targeted?
Barrett Brown, political prisoner of the information revolution
For investigating private intelligence practices, American journalist faces 105 years in prison
Hackers back away from relationship with the feds; ‘Need some time apart’
The Kook Who Knew Too Much
How Barrett Brown shone light on the murky world of security contractors
Barrett Brown vs. the Private Intelligence Business
A Marriage Of Convenience
PRISM and the targeting of Barrett Brown
The Strange Case of Barrett Brown
Why Democrats Love To Spy On Americans
Anonymous Hacktivist Barrett Brown Can Use Money His Supporters Raised for His Defense
Why Anonymous provocateur Barrett Brown matters
Is Anonymous Hacktivist Barrett Brown a Journalist, His Supporters Say So
The Persecution Of A Fall Guy For Anonymous, The Feds vs. Barrett Brown
Barrett Brown Update, New Defense Team, Feds Fish For Activists
Man tied to hacking group Anonymous back in court
Anonymous-linked Barrett Brown appears at Dallas pretrial hearing with new legal team
Former JAG lawyer who took on Guantánamo Bay (and won) to become part of hacktivist Barrett Brown’s legal team
Cyberhysteria, Obama criminalizes research project (and Crikey)
Hacktivists as Gadflies
Reveal the truth about cybersecurity, face the wrath of the US
The U.S. Government Is Suing Barrett Brown’s Intelligence Research Site
Hammond, Brown, Swartz, Assange, Manning: information warriors of the digital wasteland
Barrett Brown’s Mother Targeted, Faces Year In Jail
Anonymous hacktivist’s mom faces $100k fine for hiding computer
We Spoke to Barrett Brown from Prison
Barrett Brown’s Mother Pleaded Guilty Last Week to Helping Her Son Hide Laptops from the FBI
Policing the freedom of the internet
The persecution of Barrett Brown, and how to fight it
How Barrett Brown went from Anonymous’s PR to federal target
Anonymous ‘spokesperson’ to spend year in jail without trial
The New Political Prisoners
The Saga of Barrett Brown, Inside Anonymous and the War on Secrecy
Anonymous Spokesman Barrett Brown Ruled Mentally Competent to Stand Trial
Why Is Barrett Brown Facing 100 Years in Prison
Dallas “Anonymous Hacktivist” Declared Competent For Trial
‘Anonymous’ spokesman Brown cleared for trial
Barrett Brown Found Competent To Stand Trial; Pleads Not Guilty On Newest Charges of Concealing Evidence
Barrett Brown Charged with Concealing Evidence
Anonymous’ Barrett Brown Faces New Charges
Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown faces new charges
More Charges For Texan With Anonymous Links
Barrett Brown faces additional charges, this time concealing evidence
Feds after Anonymous’ Barrett Brown again, this time on evidence charge
Another Case Of Prosecutorial Bullying Against A ‘Hacker’
When the FBI comes knocking, don’t hide laptops in your mom’s dishes
Why do hackers like Barrett Brown and Aaron Swartz face harsher punishment than terrorism-funding banks
For the third time in three months, feds indict Anonymous’ not-spokesman Barrett Brown, charging him with obstruction
Barrett Brown Was Hit With a Third Indictment Yesterday, This Time For Concealing Evidence
Hacktivists cry foul over US government’s ‘ludicrous’ cyber crackdown
Feds Pile On More Charges Against Anonymous Agitator Barrett Brown
Online activists and exemplary punishment
Anonymous’ Barrett Brown is Mentally Fit to Stand Trial, a Prison Psychologist Has Decided
Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown faces new charges
Anonymous’ Barrett Brown Pleads Not Guilty to All 12 Stratfor Charges
Anonymous activist pleads innocent to Stratfor charges
Barrett Brown Is Being Railroaded (Why You Should Care)
When sharing a URL is a criminal offence, as the internet chills
Feds Indict Reporter For ‘Anonymous’ Hyperlinking
Former Anonymous Spokesperson Barrett Brown Indicted for Stealing Information
Barrett Brown indicted for trafficking in credit card numbers
Anonymous-tied hacktivist faces prison for sharing link
Can you face charges for reposting a link
Feds attempting to deter hacktivism with dubious charges, hefty sentences
If Barrett Brown’s Guilty, Then So Am I
Former Anon spokesperson indicted for allegedly linking to stolen information
Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown faces new charges
Feds charge Anonymous spokesperson Barrett Brown for sharing link to stolen credit card data
New federal indictment lists 12 more charges against Barrett Brown, once the self-proclaimed spokesman for Anonymous
Anonymous’ Barrett Brown Faces Additional Charges Surrounding Hack of Intelligence Firm Stratfor
Former Anonymous Spokesman Barrett Brown Indicted For Sharing a Link to Stolen Credit Card Data
Feds Charge Anonymous Spokesperson for Sharing Hacked Stratfor Credit Cards
How local filmmakers profiled Anonymous for their documentary
Is Barrett Brown the Threatening One, or Is It the Guys Who Locked Him Up
Barrett Brown Officially Accused of Threatening FBI Officer
Ex-Anonymous activist under federal indictment, potentially faces 20 years in prison
Hacking group activist’s posts land him in trouble
Former Anon Barrett Brown indicted on three counts
Media’s favorite Anonymous hacktivist charged with conspiracy against FBI agents
Three Weeks After FBI Raid, Feds Indict Barrett Brown
Feds indict self-proclaimed Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown on retaliation, conspiracy charges
Anonymous’ Barrett Brown Writes Letter from Prison, Claims the FBI Broke His Ribs
Arrested Anonymous member Barrett Brown sends letter from prison
Anonymous activist Barrett Brown in exclusive email to TheDC, ‘Holder is a f-cking monster’
Was Anonymous’ Cheese Pizza Prank a Success, The FBI’s Silence is Deafening
Dallas “Anonymous Hacktivist” Believed To Be In Custody
Anonymous’s Barrett Brown Arrested for Threatening FBI Agent, Anonymous Retaliates
Anonymous retaliates for arrest of “spokesman” in Dallas, promising to release government credit card numbers and, er, pizzas
Former prominent Anonymous member arrested
Barrett Brown Arrested, Former Anonymous Spokesman Taken Into Custody After Threatening FBI Agent
Dallas Man Linked To Anonymous Hacking Group Arrested
A leader of hacker group Anonymous arrested in Texas
AntiSec hackers retaliate after Anon-collaborator arrested by FBI
Anonymous Spokesman Barrett Brown Was Arrested in Dallas Last Night
Report, Former ‘Anonymous’ Spokesman Barrett Brown Arrested, Placed In FBI Custody
Anonymous’ Barrett Brown Raided by FBI During Online Chat
How the Experts Would Fix Cyber Security
Exclusive, FBI Escalates War On Anonymous
FBI tries to cut off yet another Anonymous tentacle, Barrett Brown, Good luck
Barrett Brown on the Arrests of Five of Anonymous’s Hackers
LulzSec Hacking Suspects Are Arrested
Authorities: Hackers busted when 1 turns informant
Anonymous hackers to publish U.S. security firm’s 2.7m client emails
Hacker Group Anonymous Intercepted U.S. Call Over Investigation
The Stratfor breach exposes the emails of hundreds of military and defense personnel
Stratfor Offers ID Protection for Victims of Anonymous Hack
Hackers poised for further releases
Questions About Motives Behind Stratfor Hack
LulzXmas: Anonymous scores; Stratfor fails
The strange times of Barrett Brown—Anonymous prankster, provocateur, or profiteer
Face of Anonymous Flees North as Drug Cartels’ War on Bloggers Heats Up
Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown lands a six figure book deal
Texas man says he’ll join Anonymous in fight against cartel
Barrett Brown vs. The Zetas
Member of Anonymous released by violent Mexican drug cartel after viral video threat
Anonymous and the Zetas Cartel Declare a Truce
Facts Blur as Anonymous and Zeta Cartel’s Feud Ends in a Draw
Barrett Brown Says Anonymous Attack on Drug Cartels Still Alive
Project PM Leaks Dirt on Romas/COIN Classified Intelligence Mass Surveillance
U.S. conducting ‘mass surveillance’ against Arab world
Face’ of Anonymous quits, exclusive interview with Barrett Brown
Anonymous ‘Leader’ Quits. Is Barrett Brown The Next Julian Assange
Barrett Brown, Public Face of Anonymous, Leaves Group
Hackers point finger over Sony incursion
Anonymous spokesman on Sony hack, ‘It wasn’t us’
Barrett Brown is Anonymous
Anonymous to Hit Quantico Over Manning Treatment, Activist hackers planning attack brig where WikiLeaker is being held
US probes Anonymous plans for attack on marines
Hacker group vows ‘cyberwar’ on US, businesses
Anonymous Hackers Target Alleged WikiLeaker Bradley Manning’s Jailers
Anonymous plans defense for Bradley Manning, promises a media war
FBI Tracks Internet Activists Known As ‘Anonymous’