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Restitution fund drive! Help Barrett Brown pay off his debts

While Barrett Brown’s 63 month prison sentence was widely reported and rightly condemned as the culmination of an unfair persecution of an effective investigative journalist, another element of his sentence was more quietly announced and yet it’s potentially more insidious: Barrett owes more than $800,000 (and he owes more than $890,000 in total, including other fines) to his “victim”, Stratfor.

In Barrett’s words,

I will spend the rest of my life in a strange state of post-cyberpunk indentured servitude to an amoral private intelligence firm that’s perhaps best known for having spied on Bhopal activists on behalf of Dow Chemical. That the prosecution did not quite manage to articulate how I did any damage to this particular company did not seem to dissuade U.S. District Judge Sam A. Lindsay in this matter.

In fact, Barrett went out of his way to prevent excessive damage, by contacting Stratfor ahead of time, offering to redact sensitive material — an offer that Stratfor declined.

Barrett currently pays $200 per month, at which rate he will be paying Stratfor for the rest of his life. Let’s help free Barrett from this indentured servitude by collectively paying off his restitution. With little contributions at a time, we can chip away at the enormous, unjustified total.

If we can raise $5,000 for Barrett, we’ll cover two full years of his payments, with a little extra to spare for his commissary, with which he can purchase basic items in prison.

Donate to Barrett’s fund today.