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Barrett Brown gets 30 more days in solitary, placed on watch list

Last month, Barrett Brown was placed in Fort Worth Correctional Institution’s Segregated Housing Unit (SHU), better known as solitary confinement — allegedly he was singled out for possession of ‘hooch’, or homemade alcohol. At the time, Barrett expected to be in solitary for 30-45 days, a term long enough to constitute torture, according to the United Nations.

Now Barrett has had a hearing regarding his stay in the SHU, in which he received 30 more days in the hole. He was also given 90 days of phone, visiting, commissary and email restrictions. Earlier this year, Brown had his email access revoked for communicating with journalists.

We’ve also learned that Barrett was placed on Central Inmate Monitoring (CIM), which, according to a 2007 Federal Bureau of Prisons statement, means “a higher level of review which may include Central Office and/or Regional Office clearance for transfers, temporary releases, or community activities.” The statement’s criteria for placing inmates on CIM includes making threats to government officials, receiving “broad publicity”, “disrupting operations and security”, being a state prisoner, requiring separation and requiring special supervision.

We will continue to report on Barrett’s condition as we learn more.