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Barrett Brown wins New York Press Club journalism award for Intercept column

Journalist Barrett Brown has won a 2016 New York Press Club journalism award for humour writing online for his Intercept column. The NYPC awards “excellence in skillfully applying humor, satire or irony in the interpretation of current events or personal experience.”

Brown’s latest piece, ‘Dean Rusk Also Missing, Feared Dead’ is a continuation of his review of Niall Ferguson’s biography of Henry Kissinger — a sequel to the rather aptly titled ‘I Do Not Care to Finish Reading This Mediocre Kissinger Biography By Niall Ferguson.’

Brown concludes the newest piece, after mocking the many contradictions and sleights of hand Ferguson must concoct to defend someone known to have “subvert[ed] democracy”, with a typically acerbic summation of how American politics and work:

At any rate, [Ferguson] needn’t sound so pissy; it’s not as if he’s going to suffer any real consequences for his misdeeds. He need merely continue to refrain from directly acknowledging that he libeled another historian and intentionally misled his readers on several points, as the Hoover Institution will of course refrain from taking any action so long as the clamor for them to do so does not reach the threshold at which continued silence on their part begins to do more damage than would come from addressing the misconduct. This is how most of our institutions work, whether state or corporate or academic; each is aware of a ceiling of wrongdoing under which anything is effectively permitted against anyone. It is a realist position.

Earlier this year, Barrett was given a National Magazine Award for his Intercept column (awarded while he was in solitary confinement). See all of his writing from prison here.