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Barrett Brown starts work at D Magazine

Barrett Brown, fresh out of federal prison and living in a halfway house outside Dallas, has begun writing for D Magazine’s Frontburner blog, his stories for which you can find collated here.

In his first piece, Barrett struggles to get a bus ticket and complains about the office coffee. More importantly, he touches on his post-release restrictions:

[A city council agenda] had to be printed out for me because the Bureau of Prisons claims, rather implausibly, that the terms of my probation — which does not begin for another five months and which is to be administered by the Department of Justice probation department and not the Bureau of Prisons, which has jurisdiction over me until then — don’t allow me to use a computer or anything else that can connect to the internet.

In another post, Barrett previews his coverage of tomorrow’s city council meeting:

Indeed, tomorrow’s briefing would threaten to be a rather by-the-numbers affair were it not for the fact that Mayor Rawlings will be making his case for a delay on the upcoming bond issue, to the extent that it’s possible to make a case for a move that will have the negative aspect of allowing city streets to deteriorate further in the meantime while not seeming to offer any positive aspects whatsoever, at least as far as actual policy is concerned. My understanding after making some calls to involved parties is that he’ll be fielding some rather blunt questions about this from at least one city council member, as well as a few meandering and no doubt grammatically incorrect queries from several others. I’ll be covering tomorrow’s meeting and calling in reports throughout the day, most of which will be unnecessarily mean-spirited.

See a collection of Barrett’s writing, including all of his work while imprisoned, at D Magazine and The Intercept, as well as his new pieces for Frontburner, here.