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Barrett Brown receives second post-release subpoena

Less than a month after the US Attorney’s office sent a subpoena to The Intercept, demanding records of communication and payment between Barrett Brown and the news outlet, Barrett has received another subpoena, this time addressed to Writers House, his literary agency. As noted upon his release, Barrett signed a book deal for a forthcoming “combination memoir and manifesto.”

Barrett has summarized this development:

The Department of Justice has now sent a subpoena to my literary agency, Writers House, making a series of confusing demands pertaining money that they claim to be outstanding, and otherwise ordering them to provide all documents. The filing claims that “More than 30 days has elapsed since demand for payment was made,” a demonstrable falsehood; no demands were ever received by either myself or Writers House, and a similar subpoena sent to The Intercept last month was a demand for information, not money. Indeed, I wrote an e-mail to this office at that time, which I cc’d my probation officer and others on, asking for an explanation, which I naturally never received.

Barrett called the USDA to discuss the matter and spoke to Emily Shutt:

Here is the newest subpoena:

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