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Keep Rootin’ for Putin: Establishment Pundits and the Twilight of American Competence

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An eBook written by Barrett Brown, edited by Kevin Gallagher, designed by Nikki Loehr

A hilarious, brilliantly crafted, full-on verbal assault on America’s pundit class. Brown shows us just how lazy, stupid, and corrupt almost all of our nation’s most beloved columnists have become. I’m now fully convinced that this entire generation of over-published bullshit artists deserve to be tasered in the face, one at a time, preferably on live television.
— Michael Hastings (1980-2013)

The book is a knockout; a hilarious, inarguable skewering of the self-indulgent empty-headedness and hypocrisy of Friedman and various other members of establishment punditry, the strength of whose brands somehow mysteriously manages to outpace the wreckage of all their mistaken judgments.
— Barry Eisler

Barrett Brown has been writing fervently and speaking out since he was a teenager, and his work is as varied as his freelance publication history. Most of this earlier work goes unexamined by the public, his association with Anonymous and current predicament having eclipsed it. But his talent and abilities are definitely on display in his current regular column, formerly with D Magazine and now with The Intercept.

In his eBook, Barrett delivers blistering takedowns of America’s media pundits and columnists, people such as Thomas Friedman, William Bennett, Charles Krauthammer, Richard Cohen, and Martin Peretz, whose incompetence he proves beyond any doubt.

When Brown was writing this book between 2006 and 2010, he had set out to be a political humorist and satirist. To that end, his style is as ever witty and hilarious.

The concept of the book concurs with a larger theme of Brown’s work, that is, the overwhelming failure of the traditional, establishment or mainstream media to perform anything near its duty to the public. In the epilogue we learn what Brown thinks constitutes an important shift: the potential of the internet for collaboration and amplifying critical voices.

Although this material dates from the previous decade, Barrett Brown’s incisive commentary and analysis is needed now more than ever, as an emerging apparatus based in secrecy and state-corporate alliances wields the capability to neutralize journalists and activists, while dominating the internet and media landscape with sophisticated propaganda and information operations.

If we are to dismantle this broken system and reverse the propagation of uninformed opinions that are anathema to progress and critical thinking, we might start by disregarding those who are written about in this book. Brown has helpfully done most of the work for us and pointed out the way forward.


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Short excerpts

Introduction | Thomas Friedman | Charles Krauthammer | William Bennett

Flock of Dodos: Behind Modern Creationism, Intelligent Design and the Easter Bunny

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From the Amazon description:

What is creationism? Is it science, theology, both, neither? Who’s behind it?  And why should you give a damn in the first place? Ex-National Lampooner Barrett Brown and Professor of Sociology Jon P. Alston, Ph.D, answer these questions, and perhaps one of two more, in a superbly unorthodox, serenely offensive and splendidly hilarious look at the forces behind the most talked-about pseudo-theory in modern history.

Barrett Brown, Huffington Post:

In my first book, Flock of Dodos: Behind Modern Creationism, Intelligent Design, and the Easter Bunny, I attempt to provide an overview of the great amounts of fraud, chicanery, and general nonsense that has come to us from the direction of The Discovery Institute (formerly known as the Discovery Institute for the Renewal of Science and Culture before such time as the entirety of the name was deemed too revealing) in general and from such kingpins of the movement as William Dembski and Michael Behe in particular.