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Documents & Transcripts

First indictmentSecond Indictment | Third Indictment

Arrest Warrant

Motion for detention | Order for Detention

Plea #1 | Plea #2

Motion to Intervene and Quash Subpoena | Government’s initial response | Government’s motion to dismiss | Motion to leave for reply

Court order regarding funds intended for legal defense | Order denying Government’s motion for funds

Motion to substitute Counsel | Order granting substitution of counsel

Motion for protective order| Agreed protective order

Motion to continue pretrial deadlines | Order granting extension of pretrial deadlines

Motion to continue trial and pretrial deadlines

Defense demand for discovery & bill of particulars | Govt. response #1 | Govt. response #2

Government’s opposition to continuance | Defense’s reply to Government’s opposition to motion to continue

Order resetting trial | Speedy trial waiver

Order scheduling a hearing on potential gag order | Defense memorandum in opposition to gag order

Govt. brief in favor of gag order | Exhibit list

Agreed order regarding extrajudicial statements

Order resetting trial #1 | Order resetting trial #2

Motion to dismiss the first indictment | Motion to dismiss the second indictment | Motion to dismiss the third indictment

Govt. motion for disclosure of psychiatric evidence/experts

Govt. motion for reciprocal discovery | Defense response to govt. motion for reciprocal discovery

Motion to unseal | Order to unseal

First superseding indictment

Scheduling order #1 | Scheduling order #2 | Scheduling order #3 | Old scheduling order

Transcript 16 December 2014 Sentencing hearing

Transcript 22 January 2015 Sentencing hearing

Information current as of 10/25/13:
Court docket for case #1| Court docket for case #2 | Court docket for case #3


Barrett’s mother’s plea agreement

USDOJ press release #1 | USDOJ press release #2

Transcript of first video | Transcript of second video | Transcript of third video

Letter from jail 9/20/12

BOP correspondence

7 April 2015 through 19 August 2015

19 August 2015

21 August 2015

28 August 2015

20 November 2015: Barrett Brown response to Boddy’s rejection notice

4 December 2015: Administrative Remedy Rejection Notice

Barrett Brown BOP email narrative