Anonymous donor pledges $20,000 matching donation

August 23, 2013

Since Barrett Brown was arrested and detained last year, we have raised over $50,000 to cover his legal expenses. Much of that has come from ordinary members of the public who believe in the importance of defending information freedom activism, the right to link, and journalism — as well as the necessity of opposing prosecutorial overreach. Barrett’s attorneys have supplied us with a budget for this case of $200,000, which means we are now 25% of the way to meeting our goal.

On May 1st, when Barrett’s legal team made their first appearance, even the judge pointed out that his new attorneys’ cost will far outweigh the public defender cost. Fortunately, we have retained Barrett’s lawyers at a SIGNIFICANT discount and received a great deal — similarly complex cases regularly cost three times as much as our projected costs, and much of the work they’ve done so far has been pro bono. Still, expert legal defense does not come cheap.

We are pleased to announce that an anonymous donor has pledged to give $20,000 to the Barrett Brown Legal Defense Fund, if we can match their contribution dollar for dollar. The fundraising drive will begin immediately and we intend to match their pledge by the end of September Here we have a tremendous opportunity to make a concerted push that will get Barrett’s defense almost 50% fully funded. I know that we can do it!

Please head over to the donation page and give today.

Barrett Brown is a courageous journalist and writer who investigated the private intelligence and cyber-security industries and now faces over a century worth of charges related to his reporting. It’s only with plenty of financial resources that we can provide him a robust and aggressive defense that will show what he is: completely innocent.