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The cyber-intelligence complex and its useful idiots
Cybersecurity and the intelligence community’s nefarious purposes
The cyber misinformation campaign against USA Today
A virtual secret state, the military-industrial complex 2.0
A sinister cyber-surveillance scheme exposed
Sony’s Anonymous claim, a health warning
How Anonymous hacked the security firm hacker
Skepticism in the Face of Evidence Is No Virtue
Anonymous and the global correction
Anonymous, a net gain for liberty
Anonymous preparing for new Wikileaks effort
The Aims of Anonymous
Wikileaks and War; Secrecy and Context
Wikileaks Blows Whistle; Most Miss the Point
Anonymous, Sony and the rule of law
Anonymous concedes defeat
Anon pwns HBGary Federal
The Nature of Romas/COIN
Yes, you should join Anonymous
Threats from the Invisible Industry
On the FBI Raid
On Stratfor
Interview in Defense Technology International, March 2012
Operation Pursuant
NYT said it wasn’t a story. Then the story was banned
CIA, State Department Apparently Acting on Plan to Destroy Wikileaks
Project PM


Palin biographer accuses me of planning anti-government violence
Neoconfederate civil war revisionism
A Tribute to Sean Carasov
My Final Response to Robert Stacy McCain Regarding His Racism
A Modern Solution to An Age-Old Problem
Atheist House Candidate Up Against Pillar of Prayer Caucus
Krauthammer Makes New Prediction Regarding Failed Old Prediction
Conservative Blog Fight Proves Existence of God
Skepticism is Best Left to the Skeptics
Sarah Palin as Margaret Thatcher, So Be It
Flavor of the Week, Fireside Chatrooms
A Tale of Two Internets
Why the Hacks Hate Michael Hastings
Zuckerman Blasts Obama for Bush Mistakes
New Book Blasts Intelligent Design Dishonesty
Atlas Shrugged Filming Begins, Will it Be Worse Than Book
Israel President Claims Soldiers Did ‘Nothing’ to Dead Passengers
Britain’s ‘Fundamental Resettlement’ of Rights
Michelle Malkin Enraged at Mere Arab Winning Miss USA
Just This Once, Let Us Do the Reasonable Thing
Why Humorists Target Christianity Over Islam
A Proposal for a Minor Revolution in Human Affairs
The Internet and the Republic of Skepticism, Part Two
Conservative Bloggers Rediscover Term ‘Allegedly’
The Internet and the Republic of Skepticism, Part One
Friedman’s Failures Remain Relevant
Conservative Blogger Sides With Church of Scientology Over Real World
Anonymous, Australia, and the Inevitable Fall of the Nation-State
Anarchy in the Everyday; The Late, Great Nation State
Ex-Conservative Charles Johnson’s Next Crusade
Friedman Makes Another China Prediction Despite Past Failures With Same
Charles Krauthammer Continues to Fail
Charles Krauthammer Forgets His Place
Confederate Group League of the South Gets All Up in My Face and Whatnot
In Which I Try My Hand at Cartooning and Encounter Crazy People
Robert Stacy McCain and the Fall of the Conservative Movement
Protein Wisdom and the Radness of Crowds
Robert McCain Fine With Pregnancy Among Religious Teens, Just Not Minority Teens
Confessions of a Phony Internet Muslim
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Oliver North is a Nut
Stanley Kurtz Tries to Tie Gay Marriage to Divorce, Accidentally Proves Opposite
National Review Changes Stance on Death Jokes
Weekly Standard Accidentally Comes Out Against Drug War
New Republic Editor Martin Peretz Blasts Someone For Something, Sort Of
The Incredible Failures of Charles Krauthammer
The Trouble With Charles Krauthammer
Intelligent Design, Online Edition
Conservapedia, Bastion of the Reality-Denying Right
The 10 Best Political Videos You’ve (Probably) Never Seen
Thomas Friedman’s Five Worst Predictions
In Which the Universe Conspires to Steal My Laptop at the Worst Time Possible
Christ Announces His Bid for President
My Post-Cyberpunk Indentured Servitude

Barrett contributed to Angela Richter’s anthology Supernerds: Conversations with Heroeswith a piece titled “The Day Irony Died.”

Barrett contributed to Toward Freedom‘s Summer 2004 magazine, ‘Stubborn Facts,’ with a piece titled ‘Silence Is Brutal: Texas “solves” its prison problems by restricting contact with the media.’ That piece is here:
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