Keep Rootin’ for Putin: Establishment Pundits and the Twilight of American Competence

“A hilarious, brilliantly crafted, full-on verbal assault on America’s pundit class. Brown shows us just how lazy, stupid, and corrupt almost all of our nation’s most beloved columnists have become. I’m now fully convinced that this entire generation of over-published bullshit artists deserve to be tasered in the face, one at a time, preferably on live television.” — Michael Hastings (1980 – 2013)

“The book is a knockout; a hilarious, inarguable skewering of the self-indulgent empty-headedness and hypocrisy of Friedman and various other members of establishment punditry, the strength of whose brands somehow mysteriously manages to outpace the wreckage of all their mistaken judgments.” — Barry Eisler

In 2006, Barrett Brown started writing what would be his second book. He set it aside a few times, returning to finish the manuscript in 2009 and 2010. Under contract, it was ultimately slated for publication, but that never happened—and as we all know, developments unfolding on the world stage demanded Brown’s attention.

The book was originally titled Hot, Fat, and Clouded: The Amazing and Amusing Failures Of America’s Chattering Class and consisted of his attack on the ubiquitous newspaper columnists and media pundits who are undeservedly so influential and able to form public opinion. In it Brown asks the question: why do we bother to listen to what they say, when they are wrong so much of the time?

Hot, Fat & Clouded

We are excited to announce that we have rescued the book from its fate and that it will soon see the light of day. Newly titled as Keep Rootin’ for Putin: Establishment Pundits and the Twilight of American Competence, the text will become available as an eBook this spring for donors to his legal defense fund. It includes a foreword from Barry Eisler (ex-CIA, author of the Rain thriller series) and a chapter each criticizing Thomas Friedman, William Bennett, Charles Krauthammer, Richard Cohen, and Martin Peretz.

Here in abundance are what Eisler refers to as the “Barrett Brown trademarks: iconoclastic insight; hilarious wit, ranging from the dry to the outrageous; a broad and deep frame of reference; incisive argument; [and] complete fearlessness about offending anyone deserving of offense.” And Barrett Brown’s role as a legitimate journalist and media critic should not be in doubt after reading this book.

It’s not ready yet—we’re still working on it. But it should be out in the next few months. We wanted to make an announcement that readers will soon be able to enjoy previously unpublished work by Brown. And you can expect more columns written from jail, too. Finally, we’re doing all of this in order to benefit his legal defense and help him out of his current situation.


Barrett Brown’s New Book ‘Keep Rootin’ For Putin’ Skewers Mainstream Media Pundits

Disclaimer: The text in question was finished long before Brown’s current legal woes and has absolutely nothing to do with his case. Its promotion or sale is structured to benefit his legal defense fund, an independent entity, rather than the author.