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Scott Horton Show: Peter Ludlow discusses gag order against Barrett Brown
Sam Seder at The Majority Report: Barrett Brown’s Case Ignored by Fellow Journalists
FAIR: Peter Ludlow on Barrett Brown
On the Media: The Strange Case of Barrett Brown
Christian Stork on Barrett Brown, Project PM, and the Hidden World of Intelligence Contractors
Peter Ludlow: Internet activist Barrett Brown hit with gag-order before trial
Democracy Now!: Jailed Journalist Barrett Brown Barred from Discussing Case
Kevin Gallagher on The Scott Horton Show
Gorilla Radio w/ Chris Cook talks to FreeBB Director Kevin Gallagher
Voice of Russia: US wants gag order in ‘Anonymous’ hacker case
FreeBB Director Kevin Gallagher on Law and Disorder
Abby Martin: 100 Years in Prison for Posting a Link?
Joint Fundraiser for Barrett Brown and Jeremy Hammond
HuffPost Live: Barrett Brown Faces 105 Years In Prison
FreeBB Director Kevin Gallagher interviewed by Abby Martin
Jailed Journalist Barrett Brown Faces 105 Years For Reporting on Hacked Private Intelligence Firms
SG Radio Feat. Kevin M. Gallagher (Free Barrett Brown), Dell Cameron (VICE) and Gabriella Coleman
Free Barrett Brown on Vince in the Bay
Peter Ludlow discusses Barrett Brown with Scott Horton
Online Activists Beware! 100 Year Sentence
Policing the freedom of the internet
‘Whistleblower Defense League’ created to fight back Obama administration’s attacks
Andrew Blake on the absurdity of facing over a decade in prison for sharing a link
Barrett Brown faces life in prison for doing what feds did to him
Free Barrett Brown by FreeAnons
Ballad of Barrett Brown
Ballad of Barrett Brown (acoustic)
Free Barrett Brown on Two Hotheads: Where Activism Happens part 1 part 2

Videos of Barrett

BB in Future Radicals
BB in We Are Legion
Are hackers the new terrorists?
BB talking about Par:AnoIA
Obama at war with Iran in cyberspace
Aaron Swartz Arrested: The Open Access Debate
Internet strikes back: Anonymous Operation Megaupload explained
Anonymous-intercepted Scotland Yard/FBI phone conference
Anonymous declares war on pentagon
New massive surveillance program
On Wikileaks and Trapwire
FBI wants more surveillance power
Barrett Brown on Fox News about Rick Warren
Attack of the Hacktivists
Military lies on occasion
Hacking: ‘An unconventional, asymmetrical act of warfare’
‘Anonymous’ hackers have their say
Barrett Brown live interview at Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Media Interview with Barrett Brown
Interview at HOPE9
An hour of Barrett Brown
Scott Horton interviews Barrett Brown about WikiLeaks from 2010
John Tiessen interviews Barrett Brown in August 2012
Barrett speaking about Anonymous etc. in New York
Color me Anonymous interview w/ Barrett Brown
On Project PM
On Operation Metal Gear
On OpCartel