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The Barrett Brown Review of Arts & Letters & Civil Strife


Down With Thomas Friedman



What Is to Be Done?



No One Will Rent Me an Apartment, Even Though I Was Mentioned in House of Cards

On My Recent Return to Prison and Catching Up With Old Friends

Barrett Brown Is Free (for Now) and Writing About Bureau of Prisons Harassment

City Council Report: Cite and Release and Oh My Goodness

Barrett Brown’s Descent Into the Wild

City Council Report: Is City Staff Even Going to El Fenix?

City Council Report: Time Again to Talk Ethics

City Council Report: Just Who the Heck Is Dick Zinnendorf

Growing Up in the Rough Streets of Preston Hollow

City Council Report: Ethics? What Ethics?

City Council Report: What’s the Best Way to Waste Time?

City Council Report: T.C. Broadnax Is in the House!

The Judge Who Sent Me to Prison and His Bachelorette Daughter, Rachel Lindsay

City Council Report: The Mayor Explains His Park Board Vote

City Council Report: Sean Johnson Got Promoted to Vice Chair of the Park Board? Really?

City Hall Report: Carolyn King Arnold Is ‘Not Confused or Discombobulated in Any Way’

City Council Report: Paving Paradise, Putting Up a Parking Lot

The Curiously Flawed Argument for Putting Off a Bond Vote

Podcast: Barrett talks about his life in prison and his first week with D Magazine

City Council Report: A Nonsensical Discussion of Ethics

Previewing Tomorrow’s City Council Briefing

How to Leave Your Halfway House and Get to Work Riding DART


The Barrett Brown Review of Arts and Letters and Jail

The Intercept

The Fact of Sisyphus

Dean Rusk Also Missing, Feared Dead

I Do Not Care to Finish Reading This Mediocre Kissinger Biography By Niall Ferguson

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If Anyone Needs Me, I’ll Be in Prison

I Got Kicked OUT of a Prison

Another Story That Rolling Stone Failed To Fact Check Properly

The Dread Destroyer Has 5 Points of Armor

Let Me Just Drop Everything and Respond to Your Libel

His Real Crime Was Getting That Tattoo

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There Was a Bad Mutha Who Lived in an SHU

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My Post Cyberpunk Indentured Servitude


Reading ‘Born Again’ in Jail

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The cyber-intelligence complex and its useful idiots